NIDO® Unmanned Box System

the first UST Italia integrated ecosystem which guarantees BVLOS operations to autonomous drone fleets

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NIDO® ensures integration of specially designed hardware and software

developed for remote operation and BVLOS control of autonomous drone fleets.

Software platform

in the cloud that provides BVLOS command & control functions from a remote operating room, data management, real-time or post-processing AI analysis. There is also an integrated control system for the low-level management of individual devices, communication flows and the cloud platform.


at the heart of the NIDO® network, the interconnected box guarantees the best shelter for the UAV, optimal environmental conditions, fast charging and robust and high-performance data link.

Multi-rotor UAV
and VTOL aircraft

Drone equipped with different types of payload (active and passive) and sensors for the acquisition of images and data.

Nido System aperto al tramonto

the main features


to the multi-connection cloud control platform (FIBRE/LTE/5G) through which all system functions are managed.


guaranteed thanks to the resistance to external atmospheric agents (IP56 grade) and the maintenance of an optimal internal atmosphere for the functionality of the system (HVAC system).


thanks to a redundant and cloud-independent system, NIDO® is able to carry out a mission until landing independently in compliance with aviation regulations, even in the event of power failure. Key systems include ADS-B avoidance, automatic opening ballistic parachute, precision landing, geofencing and fast charge.

Proprietary data storage

owner for rapid transfer to the cloud platform of the data collected during

AI analysis

Through the post-processing of video streams using specific cognitive algorithms able to "mark" (autotagging) and "track" (autotracking) defined targets.

Meteorological station

Multi-parameter for optimal flight conditions, equipped with a 360° environmental chamber for the control of the surrounding environment.

for engineering

NIDO® can be programmed to carry out repeatable and automated surveys, according to predefined flight routes, effectively becoming an integrated tool in the design, construction and monitoring phases of infrastructures.

The activities in which® can play a key role in engineering can include:
• Topographical and photogrammetric surveys
• Lidar surveys under vegetational cover
• Scheduled monitoring of the status of construction sites
• Periodic oil & gas pipeline monitoring

for renewable energies

Enhancing renewable energy is one of the main challenges of the coming years. NIDO® enables rapid, repeatable and standardised analysis and inspection, and has established itself as an active tool in the process of improving the efficiency of production facilities:
• Analysis and mapping of photovoltaic fields
• Analysis and mapping of gas leaks from biogas/gas/pipeline lines
• Analysis and status mapping of wind turbines
• Monitoring of medium and high voltage power lines

Nido System con Drone in atterraggio

for surveillance and defence

One of NIDO®'s  applications is as an active surveillance and monitoring system for strategic areas and assets.
Thanks to its NIDO® characteristics, it is in fact a powerful tool for safety and security, both in the civil and military fields
• 24/7/365 remote and active surveillance of industrial plants
• 24/7/365 remote and active surveillance of events and/or hot spots
• Early intervention in mountain areas
• On-demand surveillance of property and strategic assets

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